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About CTF

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a competition built around practical aspects of cybersecurity. It can be organized in several different formats. The best known of those are Jeopardy where teams solve tasks in different categories, and the classic Attack/Defense where participants have to attack services of other teams while defending their own infrastructure. CTFZone includes both formats — Jeopardy in the qualifying stage and Attack/Defense in the finals.

CTFZone Finals

The tournament finals will be conducted in the Attack/Defense format. The teams here get an image (vulnbox), that is usually a virtual machine but can also be a laptop, a server, or remote access to some system. Inside the image there is a system with several services created with different technologies. These services contain vulnerabilities, and teams can exploit those to attack each other. In Attack/Defense points are awarded not only for successful attacks — the end results also depends on how effectively a team can defend its services.

Qualifying stage

The qualifying stage of CTFZone was conducted online in Jeopardy format at the end of December. Teams had 36 hours to complete tasks from a variety of categories: web server vulnerabilities, cryptography, binary vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, cyber intelligence, professional programming, computer forensics, and many others. For each solved task a team received a flag that cost a particular number of points which were then summed up. 10 teams that have shown the best results will compete for the title of the winner.

  • LC↯BC (Russia)
  • mhackeroni (Italy)
  • A*0*E (China)
  • perfect blue (USA)
  • Bushwackers (Russia)
  • 地松鼠.PAS (Russia)
  • Dragon Sector (Poland)
  • Tea Deliverers (China)
  • p4 (Poland)
  • TGS (Japan)


CTFZone is an applied cybersecurity competition that have been taking place since 2016 and over the years have attracted more than 3 000 teams from all over the world. In 2019 CTFZone was chosen to be one of the qualifying events for DEF CON CTF — one of the oldest tournaments in this discipline, held in Las Vegas.

Despite the postponement of the OFFZONE 2020 conference, there will be a CTFZone final! This year it will be held online for the first time and will be actively broadcast on social networks. We will announce the details later. The winners will get a prize of $10 000, and teams placed second and third will leave with $5 000 and $3 000 respectively. Those who win the gold will also have an opportunity to go to DEF CON CTF to compete against the strongest teams in the world.