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The tattoo sketch contest is finished. We have selected the winners. Thank you for participation!
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Dmitry Guryev
I started tattooing in 2008. I learned from top masters in the legendary studios XK TATTOO and MADFISH. Now, I do tattoos in the no less famous FOXBOX studio.
In 15 years, I managed to work in Moscow, Berlin, and Prague. Participated in international tattoo conventions in different cities: from Naples to Helsinki.
I also do painting, 3D modeling, 3D animation, and some music
What style do you work in?
Different: from the vibrant traditional to ornamental, which I create directly on the skin without a sketch. I like to work in graphics, where I use only black and shades of gray. Sometimes I do tattoos using the handpoke technique: that’s when you just hit the tattoo with a needle without a machine. Everyone always wonders how that’s even possible
How do you create your designs for OFFZONE?
I try to be completely immersed in the subject. I gather material that can inspire me and point me in the right direction. I run it all through my imagination and the rest is a matter of sitting down and drawing
What does cybersecurity mean to you?
Working for the fourth year at OFFZONE in my humble tattoo corner, one thing I’ve grasped is that I understand exactly nothing about cybersecurity. It’s definitely a cool event, but to me, it’s more like a Hogwarts wizard convention, where I’m Dudley Dursley
Lesha Lauz
I am engaged in tattoo artistry since 2008. I studied art at the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industries.
I’ve done tattoos in different parts of the world. My works have been published in Russia and abroad
What style do you work in?
I have my own decorative style, I call it pixelwork for fun. I draw only individual sketches: one design—one tattoo
How do you create sketches for OFFZONE?
When I am drawing sketches and selecting materials, I am already in my element. I think of movies, animations, old and new, and revisit the work of other artists related to everything cyber, techno, etc. And then I generate something of my own with a bit of imagination, sometimes with irony and humor
What does cybersecurity mean to you?
As a non-tech person, I have a rather superficial understanding of the term. For me, cybersecurity is something in the language of robots. The best I can do is to install an antivirus (the one I had made a scary monster sound when it found a virus).
But having been to all the OFFZONE events, I realized that cybersecurity is a powerful and multifaceted thing. And the people who quite literally live it, how their eyes light up when they solve difficult tasks—to me, that is superhuman levels of intellect!
Andrey Ponomarev
I started tattooing in 2008. Worked in different studious, even had one of my own at some point. Now I do tattoos in the Planimetry studio. I also participate in international tattoo conventions.
I enjoy various projects where I can unleash my creativity. For instance, I drew sketches for the fashion brand Firds, made a series of artworks on large canvasses for a coffee shop, and collaborated with Vans
What style do you work in?
I do traditional tattoos in my own style: smooth contours, dense coloring. These are usually small pieces, something that can be done in one session. But, of course, I enjoy doing large projects as well
How do you create sketches for OFFZONE?
Anything can be a source of inspiration. I’ve got two kids, and quite often, even their drawings inspire me to come up with interesting ideas. Every day I look at the works of various artists, my colleagues from other cities, and find something that resonates with me. Ideas appear all the time, and I try to sketch everything that comes into my head right away. That is why I’ve got lots of sketches
What does cybersecurity mean to you?
To me personally, it is about safe banking transactions on the Internet and secure social media accounts. For large and small companies, I think it is about the security of client databases and personal data.
Roughly speaking, this is when one group of hackers protects people and companies from another group of hackers
Thank you for participation! We have selected three winners. Take a look at their sketches— you can ink any of them at Tattoo.Zone:
The guns are loaded, and the adrenaline is coursing through the veins.
See you at OFFZONE 2023!
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