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All you need to know about cybersecurity in finance

Almost every day we read in the news about another financial organization being attacked, new fraud techniques discovered, new malware found stealing money from customers’ account. New financial technologies are also implemented everywhere, drawing attention of cybersecurity researchers.

What are the threats faced by fintech and bank infrastructure? How do organisations protect themselves from these attacks? How does cybersecurity in the financial sector actually work? If you are interested in these topics, be sure to visit Finance.Zone. Here, experts from financial and research companies will be convening for the third year in a row to talk about these and other exciting subjects.

We are looking for speakers!

If you wish to present a report at the Finance.Zone, send your application to The report should be aimed at tech specialists and focus on cybersecurity in finance. Not sure if your chosen theme fits? Still write to us, and let’s figure it out together. We value every speaker!

CFP guidelines

  • Please apply directly, no PR or representatives are allowed to submit on your behalf.
  • Your submission should contain everything that can be used for research evaluation. Demos, white papers and PoC are welcomed the most.
  • No product or vendor advertisements.
  • Organizers do not reimburse travel expenses and accommodation.