OFFZONE 2020: CTFZone winners will get $10 000 and an invitation to participate in DEF CON CTF

CTFZone has determined finalists who will compete for the main prize in Moscow.

CTFZone tournament, that will take place at OFFZONE 2020 international applied cybersecurity conference, became an official qualifying event of DEF CON CTF. This puts CTFZone among the best Capture the Flag tournaments in the world along with similar events in Japan, Taiwan, China and USA. The team that wins the finals in Moscow will have an opportunity to compete in one of the oldest hacking tournaments.

CTFZone’s online qualification stage have been conducted on November 30, with teams competing in Jeopardy format. The total number of registered teams have reached 1004, and they represented 85 countries. 492 participants only got welcome flags. 10 teams from 6 countries qualified for offline finals: LC↯BC (Russia), mhackeroni (Italy), A*0*E (China), perfect blue (USA), Bushwackers (Russia), 地松鼠.PAS (Russia), Dragon Sector (Poland), Tea Deliverers (China), p4 (Poland), and TGS (Japan). Now they will meet in Moscow on April 16-17, 2020, during OFFZONE.

This year saw almost all of the best teams from CTFtime international rating participate in CTFZone’s qualification,” says Nikita Vdovushkin, head of CTFZone organizing committee. “Competition was fierce because everyone was out to win and fought till the very end. So even though top 5 was decided in the first half of the competition, the rest of the top 10 was shifting during the whole qualification stage, giving even veteran players a reason to be a little nervous. We sincerely thank all participants and can’t wait for CTFZone finals. It’s a pity that only 10 teams get to compete in the end, but rules are rules.”

The offline stage will be conducted in Attack/Defense format. The three best teams will be rewarded with cash prizes — $10 000, $5 000 and $3 000 respectively. And the winners will also get an invitation to DEF CON CTF in Las Vegas.

CTFZone is a tournament organized by Russian cybersecurity community. CTF (Capture the Flag) is a competition where participants need to solve a number of practical tasks, for example find a web vulnerability and acquire a unique text string that is called a flag. Competitions of different scope and difficulty take place around the world on a regular basis. The most famous of them is DEF CON CTF that has been conducted annually since 1996 at DEF CON — one of the largest international cybersecurity conferences. In 2020 the event will take place on August 6-9. Its winners traditionally receive Black badges as prizes. It is the most prestigious award that exists at the conference, and its bearers have a lifetime free access to DEF CON events.