And we now would like to remind you about the other things you can do at Tattoo.Zone:

Tattoo a skin of a buffalo. We will provide you with all necessities on the spot: a tattoo machine with a needle and ink, as well as unique transfer stickers, which are convenient for practicing your first tattoo. Taking part in Tattoo.Zone is on a first come, first served basis. Every hour, two of the best works are awarded OFFCOIN points.

Spin the wheel and try your luck in a lottery. Tattoo.Zone is fitted with a wheel containing capsules with prize slips. The prize could be a tattoo, a set of stickers, OFFCOIN glasses, gifts with conference symbols, and maybe a chance to spin the wheel again. But it’s not all that simple! Land on a trap and lose some points.

Lottery runs every hour. The draw lasts 10 minutes. Live queue. One chance to try your luck per round.

Take part in the ‘Luck Chance’ quiz. In this activity, participants choose a tattoo sketch by aiming for it with a toy gun. Before taking the shot, the participants are asked three questions on cybersecurity. Answer correctly and get a shot of liquor plus a step towards the targets. Answer incorrectly, take a step back. After answering three questions, the participant takes a shot at the poster with tattoos: the tattoo they hit is ‘the one’. Each correct answer is also awarded OFFCOIN points.

Ink it up! Professional tattoo artists have already prepared an album of sketches. For any tattoo made at the conference, participants will be awarded with OFFCOIN points. The winnings can be combined with the OFFCOIN points received at the "Lucky Chance"quiz. The participant who took part in the quiz and get the tattoo done gets extra OFFCOIN points. Thus, the quiz you can potentially earn you a big bunch of OFFCOIN points.

The tattoo gun is ready, the adrenaline is in the blood... we’ll see you at OFFZONE 2021!

When thinking up a space, where participants could carve out a memorable tattoo of the event on their body, we had no idea that it was to become the most popular location at the OFFZONE conference.

As a result, over the two conferences we have managed to create 36 works of post-apocalyptic body art.

One of the quirks at the Tattoo.Zone is a special tattoo resembling OFFZONE, this tattoo gives all the participant with this tattoo a free pass to all the future OFFZONE conferences and the speaker parties.

The first lucky people to get these tattoos were Alexander Malyshev and Vladimir Ivanov. In anticipation of OFFZONE 3.0, we decided to conduct a blitz interview with the guys, and at the same time check whether the tattoo was still intact.

Alexander Malyshev, independent researcher

Hey Alex, what are you doing with yourself these days?

Hi! Just killing time between OFFZONEs in search for vulnerabilities.

Why did you decide to get the OFFZONE tattoo?

Well, I like tattoos and the logo itself is kind of cool. Also, I wanted to leave with a nice memory of the conference and become its full-time participant.

Are you happy with the tattoo?

No doubt! It takes me back to the post-apocalyptic atmosphere that you managed to create back then, full of interesting people, reports and events. It’s as if I had won a price at a fair!

What reactions to the tattoo did you get from your friends?

‘Oh My God, who the hell cares!’ — Peter Griffin

How many tats have you got all together?


The OFFZONE one is your favourite, right?

I love them all equally! =)

Do you plan to get another tattoo?

We’ll see. No specific plans. I’ll have to see the sketches =)

What would you suggest to those who are going to get a tattoo at OFFZONE this year?

If you have been seriously considering it, then don’t hesitate =). Like the saying goes: those who dare, win! Or something along those lines)

Vladimir Ivanov, freelancer

Vladimir, hey! How’s it going? How’s the tattoo been treating you?

It’s awesome! I’m planning to get another one.

What tats did you get at the conference?

The first one is a bison, got it on my arm. It was my first ever tattoo and i ended up really liking it. The second one was my tribute to OFFZONE on my leg. I got that one because oi liked the name and the conference itself was pretty cool. Good times :)

Did your friends like it?

That’s mildly said! They told me they wanted ones just like that, I told them where to look :)

Any big changes in your life since you got the OFFZONE tattoo?

I don’t know if I can attribute it to the tattoo, but I have become a freelancer. In my opinion it’s for the best any way you look at it.

What would you suggest to the people thinking about getting a tattoo at this year’s conference?

Get them as large as possible:) Looks better!