Take part in CTFZone 2022, the international ethical hacking competition.

This year’s format for CTFZone is Jeopardy. Teams will have 48 hours to complete all tasks. We’ve put together a shuffle of web, crypto, pwn, reverse, and osint categories as well as our signature game task called Jock Wars.

CTFZone is an independent international event with its own prizes. You’ll have to register to attend it. Go to Twitter for more news.

Jock Wars will be available to all our guests. The game offers rewards in Offcoin points. Find more information about Jock Wars below.

Jock Wars

Engage in a software battle on a computer network! Write and upload a bot to the game to compete with other players for the highest score (with Offcoin rewards, of course).


Get a tattoo or practice giving one on a bison skin! Every hour, the creators of the two best works will be awarded Offcoins. See the link for details.


Win one of the tournaments and get Offcoin points! Tournaments will be held every hour.

The venue will be equipped with 3 gaming consoles: two Sony PlayStations (PS4 and PS5 for comparison) and the good old Dendy. You will get to play legendary fighting games, racing, and even a cooking simulation (Overcooked co‑op).

Winners of the special tournaments will receive a super prize—an add‑on to the conference badge.

HACK in 15 min

Prove yourself and solve a hacking task in 10 minutes.

We can allow an extra 5 minutes of time, but for every extra minute you get, you have to do a tequila shot. Remember, the faster you solve your task, the more Offcoins you get.

Roasting and assistance from the moderators is guaranteed. All you need is a laptop and the willingness to solve the task (have a drink).