November 15-16, 2018


November 15-16, 2018


The Finals stage of the annual CTFZONE competitions will take place during the OFFZONE conference. TOP-10 teams, qualified online this summer, are now coming to Moscow to face off at the legendary battle and bring home the glorious victory. For two days straight, the teams will be searching for hidden vulnerabilities in their opponents’ services and put up defenses to counter attacks.

The scale of this contest is holistic – teams from Russia, Hungary, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine and China will fight not only for the champion title, but also for the $18 000 prize fund. Who will become the best of CTFZONE 2018? We’ll find out soon at the OFFZONE.

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Conference agenda

OFFZONE agenda is designed with all tastes in mind. Two presentation tracks – Main Track and Fast Track – will cover the latest discoveries in practical cybersecurity. CTFZONE Finals will show a legendary Attack/Defense battle between the world’s best CTF teams.

In the specially dedicated zones – HARDWARE.ZONE, WEB.ZONE and FINANCE.ZONE, industry acknowledged experts will reveal the secrets of low-level security, web application protection and cybersecurity in the financial industry. And, of course, a wide range of hack-quests and competitions set up all around by the conference organizers and partners. Get ready to become part of the OFFZONE world!   
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The international community conference for security researchers and professionals

OFFZONE 2018 will take place in Digital October centre in Moscow on November 15-16, 2018. The conference will gather acknowledged cybersecurity experts and qualified professionals, research enthusiasts and anyone inspired by the world of practical cybersecurity.

Deep technical content and innovative discoveries constitute the heart of the OFFZONE conference. We are looking to create a space free of suits, business or any marketing – only hardcore research.

For the two days of the conference, Digital October venue will be teeming with an atmosphere of a real post-apocalyptic world. Conference guests will be conscripted to the OFFZONE training camp – a technical hub for survivors where they would be able to prove their skills in multiple hackathons and competitions and get their hands on some unique trophies for their success.


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