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OFFZONE Conference Postponed


16 December 2020

We regret to have to postpone the event for the second time.

We know that you have been looking forward to gaining practical experience, getting updates on recent research and meeting the community. However, travel restrictions are still in place, and the current development of the COVID-19 situation suggests that gathering together in April would be unsafe.

We are not going online. While reports can be delivered online, this does not apply to the remaining 50% of activities which make OFFZONE such a sought-after event. Transitioning to an online format means giving up the challenging contests, exclusive badges and interaction with the crowd. Therefore, the conference will run offline. The dates will be announced in 2021.

Meetups. The topics of the conference will be discussed in a different format. In the run-up to OFFZONE, you are invited to attend the meetups covering each of the event’s thematic tracks.

Free thematic meetups ’Finance.Zone’, ’AppSec.Zone’ and ’Hardware.Zone’ feature 3–4 reports, a pizza afterparty and networking for 50+ people. The meetups will be recorded, so those who are not able to attend, can still catch up on the event.

We will be sending out invitations to the meetups as soon as the situation allows for it. Subscribe to OFFZONE on all major social networks to stay up-to-date.

Tickets. Special conditions for holders of OFFZONE 2020 tickets still apply:

  • You can use your ticket to attend the conference (and get exclusive merch T-shirts if your ticket was purchased before 12 March 2020).
  • You may get a full refund on your ticket (please contact us at info@offzone.moscow).

CTFZone. The competition will run as a separate event. This time in a new format: two stages (qualifying + attack-defence finals) will be held as one tournament. The event will be announced on the CTFZone Twitter account and OFFZONE social networks.


We look forward to meeting you at the meetups and the conference. We are also preparing some online activities, which we are keeping secret for now. More updates to follow next year!


Thank you for staying with OFFZONE.