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Save the date: OFFZONE 2023 is coming in August
The 4th OFFZONE international conference on practical cybersecurity will take place in Moscow on August 24–25, 2023.
August 2023 is yet to come, but the cybersecurity community may already have a sense of what the month will be like. A large venue in downtown Moscow will be packed with security engineers, developers, researchers, lecturers, and students. Experts will give talks, analyze unusual cases, discuss latest cyberattacks and ways to counter them—all in the true spirit of OFFZONE.
Just like the previous conferences, the fourth OFFZONE will feature lots of activities. Participants will be searching for device vulnerabilities, competing in esports challenges, and even physically upgrading badges with a soldering iron. For the organizers, badges are more than just conference credentials. At the 2022 event, they were integrated into fully operational microcomputers with LEDs, power supply, and a wallet for the event’s internal currency. Participants also customized them with uniquely designed addons. We can expect OFFZONE 2023 badges to be even more sophisticated.
Reliance on live, face-to-face interaction has become integral to the OFFZONE conference. This approach provides an immersive experience in an atmosphere that celebrates cybersecurity and allows participants to share knowledge in themed zones and workshops.

We are cherishing the fact that OFFZONE has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for the cybersecurity community. This year, it brought together over 2,000 people. Now we are in the process of scouting for a new venue to accommodate even more guests in August 2023.

Evgeny Voloshin

Chief Strategy Officer, BI.ZONE

This summer, OFFZONE included five presentation tracks, featuring a total of 68 speakers from VK, Avito, Tinkoff, Kaspersky, Positive Technologies, Swordfish Security, BI.ZONE, and other companies. The event was supported by 48 partners, including 19 professional communities and 14 media outlets.

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